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For promoting work together to the continuous improvement of the operation and mutual support between the various Latin America BRT’S, the managers from the most important systems met on April 14th and 15th in Curitiba to give life to an association that has chosen as its first President Fernando Páez, the TransMilenio SA Manager.

The two days of work were led by Monica Vanegas from Megabus Pereira, as President adhoc during the first day of meeting, and Fernando Páez, Transmilenio general Manager from Bogota Colombia as the first President. Both Colombians were postulated to finally address the new partnership at the time that was highlighted the wide participation of Colombian massive-transportation systems in operation, five in total: Transmilenio from Bogota Colombia, Cali Metro, Metrolinea from Bucaramanga, Transmetro from Barranquilla, Colombia and Megabus Pereira.

The managers from the other Colombian massive transportation systems present at the event-Alvaro Osorio Carbonel from Transmetro, Felix Francisco Rueda from Metrolinea and Luis Eduardo Barrero from MIO, played a fundamental role in the consolidation of this partnership and showed leadership in the international context.

The new President of the Association, Jairo Fernando Paez Mendieta, the manager from Transmilenio stated that the objectives of the partnership is the exchange of experiences and learning of failures and successes of each system model. “We need to give priority to the public transportation system for the benefit in the quality of life in big cities.” “Solutions that we are going to share can bring a big impact for the cities that have implemented these transportation solutions,” said.

Curitiba, an emblematic city for the massive transportation systems since is one of the pioneers will host the Latin America Association of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and integrated systems of transport (SITP), where MEGABUS, apart from participating in the initiative, Committee will be responsible for the management of the institutional image of the just created Association – ALABRT-

The Embarq network, NGO dedicated to the promotion of the sustainable transportation projects and architect of the Association, will act as technical secretary, under the leadership of its director for a Latin America, Luis Gutierrez Aparicio.

Founders of the ALABART companies

  • URBS- Curitiba’s Urbanization S.A.
  • CMTC – Metropolitan Goiania collective transportation company
  • SPTrans – Sao Paulo Transport S.A.
  • BHTrans –Transport of transit company of Belo Horizonte S/A
  • EPTC – Public company of transportation and movement of Porto Alegre
  • METROBUS-Q – Ecuador
  • Metrovia – Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Transmilenio – Bogotá, Colombia
  • Metro Cali – Massive integrated Transportation System (MITS), de Cali, Colombia
  • Metrolinea – Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Transmetro – Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Metrobus Mexico city, Mexico
  • Optibus – León, México
  • Macrobus – Guadalajara, México
  • Transmetro – Guatemala, Guatemala
  • TranSantiago – Santiago do Chile
  • Megabus – Pereira, Colombia
About Us

Our mass transportation system constituted by exclusive bus lanes system for articulated buses that are interconnected with short routes called feeder routes at portals exchangers that work in Pereira, Dosquebradas and soon in La Virginia through a feeder route.

  • 3 Trunk routes, 52 articulated buses.
  • 27 feeder routes, 90 feeder buses.
  • 2 interchanges, 37 stations.

Routes for Articulated buses

  • Route 1. green  color in the map.  From Cuba to Dosquebradas two ways without entering to middletown
  • Route 2. Red color in the map.  From Cuba to Dosquebradas two ways going to middletown.
  • Route 3.  Blue color in the map.  From Cuba to Liberty Park two ways.  Do not go to Dosquebradas.

Routes for feeder buses

  • Connection Cuba exchanger

    • 2500 Lotes
    • Montelibano
    • Perla del Sur
    • Villa Ligia
    • Mercasa
    • Estadio
    • Naranjito
    • Miraflores
    • Dorado
    • Morelia
    • Altagracia
    • Cardal
    • Guayacanes
    • Terranova
  • Connection Dosquebradas exchanger

    • Los Pinos 2
    • Bombay
    • Calle 52/Cra. 12
    • Los Pinos 1
    • Camilo Torres
    • La Mariana
    • San Diego
    • Pablo Sexto
  • Connection el viajero station:

    • Cerritos
    • Galicia
    • Belmonte
    • San Fernando

List of Stations



El viajero Cuba’s round point
Airport 30 August Avenue Nacederos airport
Battalion 30 August Avenue, in front of San Mateo’s battalion
Maraya 30 August Avenue, between 50 and 51st.
El jardin 30 August Avenue, between 43st.
Ucumari 30 August Avenue, between 41st.
Consota 30 August Avenue 37st.
El Cafetero 30 August Avenue, 35st.
Francisco Pereira 30 August Avenue, 30st.
Centenario 30 August Avenue, 27st.
Condina 30 August Avenue, 14Rd. and 20st.
Olaya 30 August Avenue, 113Rd. and 20st.
Ferrocarril Railroad Avenue, 11Rd.
Villavicencio Railroad Avenue, between 7 & 8Rd.
La Popa Simon Bolivar Avenue
Santa Mónica Simon Bolivar Avenue, 18st.
Milan Simon Bolívar Avenue, in front of Postobon
Fundadores Simon Bolivar Avenue, in front of La Rosa
Viaducto 6Rd. between 13 & 14st.
Central 6rd. between 19 & 20st.
Claret 7Rd. between 24 & 25st.
Canarte 7Rd. between 29 &28st.
Las Flores 7Rd. between 32 & 33st.
Banderas 7Rd. between 36 & 37st.
Palacio de Justicia 7Rd. between 41 & 42st.
La Ruana 7Rd. in front of Coodegar
Turin 8Rd. in front of Coodegar
Egoya 8Rd. between 40 & 41st.
Coliseo 8Rd. between 36 & 37st.
Ormaza 8Rd. between 33 & 34st.
Mercados 8Rd. between 28 & 29st.
El Lago 8Rd. between 24 & 25st.
Otun 10Rd. between 20 & 21st.
Victoria 10Rd. between 16 & 17st.
Del Café 10Rd. between 13 & 14st.
Libertad 13st. between 7 & 8Rd. Liberty Park.

Users Rules

  1. Yield blue chairs

    • To those who needed the most:
    • Pregnant women, children, old people and disabled
  2. Do not eat

    At stations, intercalations and buses, in this way we will keep our system clean.

  3. No pets

    Megabus is only for people

  4. Do not throw garbage

    • MEGABUS is our
    • Mega proud, we should keep it clean
  5. Do not talk to the driver

    He should be focused only on the road

  6. Use the crosswalks y Signal lights

    To have access to the stations and exchangers. Is for our safety.

  7. Do not smoke

    MEGABUS should be a space free of smoke, is for everybody’s health.

  8. Respect the lines

    Is citizen culture

  9. Respect the yellow line

    Is for our safety

  10. Let the people go out the buses first before you get inside

    From the feeder buses and articulated buses.

  11. Do not get in the buses drunk

    Or under the effect of hallucinogen substances

  12. Leave the buses only on demarcated places

Forms of Payments

To use megabus we have three types of cards

  • Mega Card (megatarjeta), It is a contactless card that allows us to travel using credit. Link to travel using credit.
  • Returnable one way white card (tarjeta blanca univiaje retornable) has an additional cost that is returned to you at the moment that you hand over the card at any station.
  • Personalized card can have your picture and personal information. For more information please visit our contact area.

About Us

We are a company that builds, plans, manages and controls the mass transportation system Megabus Pereira, Dosquebradas and La Virginia.

  • Pereira town
  • Dosquebradas town
  • La Virginia town
  • Airport Matecaña
  • Municipal Institute of Traffic and Transportation of Pereira


“We are the titled company of the massive public transportation system of passengers in the West Central Metropolitan Area, which operates under conditions of safety, reliability, efficiency and economy, ensuring its social, environmental and economic sustainability and profitability, and helping to improve the quality of life of the population. “


“In five years we will be the focus of public passenger transportation system in the West Central Metropolitan Area, with coverage in the metropolitan municipalities and its area of influence, through intermodal integration, considered the best alternative for public transportation of passenger due to the excellent service and as a successful model for Colombia and the world.”

Staff Director

General Structure

The multiplicity and components of Megabus requires a strong and efficient institutional structure for its operation. In this sense, represents a combination of public and private management which enables the operation of the entire system. Private management. The private sector should ensure the implementation of all system activities, for example, the operation of buses, the fare collection system, the execution of works, etc. Public management. For its part, the public sector is responsible for coordinating, planning and general supervision.


  • 12 Contractors
  • 8 auditors
  • Corridors for Articulated
  • Feeder routes Routes
  • Stations and interchanges


  • 2 Dealers to 15 years (Integra S.A and Promasivo S.A )
  • Articulated Buses
  • Feeder buses
  • Patios


  • 1 Concessionaire to 15 years (Recisa S.A)
  • Technology Platform
  • Mega Cards

Megabús S.A.
Cr10 17-50 P-9 Edif Torre Central
Pereira - Risaralda Tel: (57)(6)335 10 10
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